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SST: Girl in Pieces by: Kathleen Glasgow

It is time for another Sunday Street Team Post. This time I have an excerpt from Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. Check it out this synopsis!

Charlotte Davis is in pieces. At seventeen she’s already lost more than most people lose in a lifetime. But she’s learned how to forget. The thick glass of a mason jar cuts deep, and the pain washes away the sorrow until there is nothing but calm. You don’t have to think about your father and the river. Your best friend, who is gone forever. Or your mother, who has nothing left to give you.

Every new scar hardens Charlie’s heart just a little more, yet it still hurts so much. It hurts enough to not care anymore, which is sometimes what has to happen before you can find your way back from the edge.


Like a baby harp seal, I’m all white. My forearms are thickly bandaged, heavy as clubs. My thighs are wrapped tightly, too; white gauze peeks out from the shorts Nurse Ava pulled from the lost and found box behind the nurses’ station.
Like an orphan, I came here with no clothes. Like an orphan, I was wrapped in a bedsheet and left on the lawn of Regions Hospital in the freezing sleet and snow, blood seeping through the flowered sheet.
The security guard who found me was bathed in menthol cigarettes and the flat stink of machine coffee. There was a curly forest of white hair inside his nostrils.
He said, “Holy Mother of God, girl, what’s been done to you?”
My mother didn’t come to claim me.
But: I remember the stars that night. They were like salt against the sky, like someone spilled the shaker against very dark cloth.
That mattered to me, their accidental beauty. The last thing I thought I might see before I died on the cold, wet grass.


The girls here, they try to get me to talk. They want to know What’s your story, morning glory? Tell me your tale, snail. I hear their stories every day in Group, at lunch, in Crafts, at breakfast, at dinner, on and on. These words that spill from them, black memories, they can’t stop. Their stories are eating them alive, turning them inside out. They cannot stop talking.
I cut all my words out. My heart was too full of them.


I room with Louisa. Louisa is older and her hair is like a red-and-gold noisy ocean down her back. There’s so much of it, she can’t even keep it in with braids or buns or scrunchies. Her hair smells like strawberries; she smells better than any girl I’ve ever known. I could breathe her in forever.
My first night here, when she lifted her blouse to change for bed, in the moment before that crazy hair fell over her body like a protective cape, I saw them, all of them, and I sucked my breath in hard.
She said, “Don’t be scared, little one.”
I wasn’t scared. I’d just never seen a girl with skin like mine.

Sounds like a really good book to me. What about yall? Keep reading for info on where you can get your hands on a copy.

About the Author:
Kathleen Glasgow lives in Tucson, Arizona. She writes for the radio show The Writer's Almanac and can probably provide you with some interesting anecdotes about historical literary figures if you asked nicely. You can find out more about Kathleen by following her on Twitter: @kathglasgow, Instagram, @misskathleenglasgow (where she posts about sunsets, depression, spirit circles, and books) or her website: 
And now you can win a copy HERE!! 

Thanks for reading guys.  Hope you check this book out! Remember there is help available for anyone for anything. If you need it don't be afraid to reach out!

If you or someone you know is struggling and needs help, please consider contacting:

Crisis Text Line: Text START to 741-741
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
National Runaway Hotline: 1-800-621-4000  

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SST: Signs of You By: Emily France


I had the joy of interviewing Emily France about her debut Signs of You. Hope you enjoy!

1)        It’s your debut! How fun! How does it feel to accomplish such a big dream? 


            When I was five years old, I told my parents I would be a writer. And I meant it! I proceeded to fill Strawberry Shortcake journals with stories. As I grew up, I kept going and going and going. I packed boxes and bookshelves with partial novels, notes about characters, and story ideas. So this has been a very, very long time coming. It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember. All I can say is that other than my wedding, my book launch day was the greatest day of my life. I’m so happy, I think I’m close to gaining the ability to float.

2)        The Signs of You cover is absolutely gorgeous. What was the process of getting a cover like, did you get to have input? What are your thoughts on the finished product?

            Thank you! I adore this cover. I feel like it captures the heart of the book—kind of a mystical longing. What’s really eerie about it is that my family thought it was a high school picture of me on the front! It does bear a resemblance…
            As for input, my publisher is wonderful, and they did ask for my opinion. The first time I saw it, I burst into happy tears. It’s remarkable to see a story you’ve created come to life in a visual way like that. But mostly, I’m grateful to have my publisher in charge of artistic direction! I stick to words. That’s my thing.

3)        Was Signs of You a tough story to tell?

            Yes and no. Yes, because my heart is in this novel. Every last piece of it. This story woke me in the middle of the night seven years ago and took me on the journey of a lifetime. I went through a lot in the course of writing it; I even left a successful career so I could finish it. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the creative process because it felt like this story chose me and brought out the most powerful emotions I’ve ever felt. It was quite a ride.
            On the other hand, this story wasn’t difficult to write. And by that I mean that I had to write it. I tried to quit multiple times. I would stuff my notes in the back of the closet. I would try to hide the computer file from myself so it wouldn’t be staring at me every time I opened a Word document. But I had no luck. Each time I was away from this story for any significant length of time, it was agonizing. I felt like I was trying to abandon a family member. As emotional as it was to write, it would have been much more painful to avoid writing it.


4)        Can you see yourself in any of your characters? Were any inspired by people in your life?

            I think there is a little piece of me in each of these characters. Each one responds to the mystery differently; each one deals with loss and grief in a unique way. Kate is lighthearted and in the moment. Jay gives in to cynicism and brooding every once in awhile. Noah is frequently in his head, intellectualizing problems from the start. Riley feels so much, but half the time she’s so disconnected from herself that she doesn’t even realize it. I can be each of those characters in any given situation.
            As for inspiration, the characters are purely fictional, but the whole novel is really a love letter to the friendships of my childhood. It’s my ode to summer nights filled with fireflies, games of Spotlight, and dares to explore creepy caves. I hope it captures the feeling of really good friends, that sense of security you have when you finally find a few people who are truly a loyal crew. It’s one of the best things in life.

5)        Do you have any writing rituals? Care to share.

            Well, first of all, there has to be caffeine. I’ve tried to write without coffee or tea, and I’m sunk. It’s like my brain goes on strike. 
            I also like to take a moment and get quiet. Sometimes I’ll meditate, or read something inspirational, or ring a singing bowl. It’s a reminder to myself to calm down, to be honest on the page, to put my heart in every line. 

6)        What has been the most exciting part of your debut process?

            At first I thought it was the day I got my book deal. Telling my husband and my family is one of my most sparkling memories. Then I thought it was working with my editor for the first time. Love that guy! Our collaboration was one of the most exciting creative endeavors of my life. Then I thought the best part was when positive reviews started coming in from places like Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. Then I thought it was when Apple iBooks selected SIGNS OF YOU as one of the Best Books of July. 
            But then July 19th happened. That was the day my book was officially released. I had a huge party at one of the largest independent bookstore in the country—The Tattered Cover in Denver, Colorado. There were over eighty people who came out to support me. I made cool origami birds and hung them over the podium. There was a huge cake with my book cover on it. I signed books for over an hour. It was one of the greatest nights of my life. 

7)        What was your celebratory meal after you got the news you were being published?

            I wish I could tell you I went to a fancy restaurant and dined like a rock star, but when things get good . . . I go straight for the mac and cheese.
Thanks so much for having me!
Check out more:

About The Author:
 Emily France graduated from Brown University before going on to law school, where she was the editor-in-chief of the law review. She finds creative inspiration in all things spiritual, from sitting with Benedictine monks for 4 a.m. vigils in a Rocky Mountain monastery to trekking to Buddhist and Hindu temples in India. Now she writes full-time and lives with her husband and their fearless Tibetan Spaniel in sunny Colorado—the closest place to Nirvana she’s found. Signs of You is her debut novel. Visit Emily online at and follow her on Twitter @EmilyFranceBook.
Since sixteen-year-old Riley Strout lost her mother two years ago, her saving grace has been her quirky little family in the grief support group she joined as a freshman. Jay, Kate, and Noah understand her pain; each lost a loved one, and they’ve stuck together in spite of their differences, united by tragedies only they understand.

When Riley thinks she spots her mother shopping in a grocery store, she fears she is suffering some sort of post-traumatic stress. Then Jay and Kate report similar experiences. Only Noah hasn’t had some kind of vision, which is perhaps why he’s become so skeptical and distant.

When Noah disappears, Riley fears she’s lost another loved one. As they frantically search for him, she, Kate, and Jay are drawn into the mystery surrounding a relic that belonged to Jay’s dead father and contains clues about the afterlife. Riley finds herself wrestling with her feelings for both Noah and Jay—which have become clear only in Noah’s absence. If Riley is to help those she loves, and herself, she must set things right with the one she’s lost.
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Blog Tour and Giveaway: 100 Days of Cake by: Shari Goldhagen

Get well soon isn’t going to cut it in this quirky and poignant debut novel about a girl, her depression, an aggressive amount of baked goods, and the struggle to simply stay afloat in an unpredictable, bittersweet life.
There are only three things that can get seventeen-year-old Molly Byrne out of bed these days: her job at FishTopia, the promise of endless episodes of Golden Girls, and some delicious lo mien. You see, for the past two years, Molly’s been struggling with something more than your usual teenage angst. Her shrink, Dr. Brooks isn’t helping much, and neither is her mom who is convinced that baking the perfect cake will cure Molly of her depression—as if cake can magically make her rejoin the swim team, get along with her promiscuous sister, or care about the SATs.

Um, no. Never going to happen.

But Molly plays along, stomaching her mother’s failed culinary experiments, because, whatever—as long as it makes someone happy, right? Besides, as far as Molly’s concerned, hanging out with Alex at the rundown exotic fish store makes life tolerable enough. Even if he does ask her out every…single…day. But—sarcastic drum roll, please—nothing can stay the same forever. When Molly finds out FishTopia is turning into a bleak country diner, her whole life seems to fall apart at once. Soon she has to figure out what—if anything—is worth fighting for.

My Thoughts:
Mental health, cake, a sprinkling of love, and The Golden Girls. What else can you ask for in a book? Shari covered a lot a topics in 100 Days of Cake and she covered them well. I'll be honest this wasn't really the book I expected from the synopsis but overall I enjoyed the story.

I really liked how Shari handled Molly's depression. She told the story of what depression is really like for many people. How families deal with a depressed person, on the person deals with life, and trying to get friends to understand. Having friends that want you to go and do all the time is hard for depressed people but I love that Molly had Elle as a friend. Elle might not completely understand how depression affects Molly but she gets enough to know when Molly just needs to stay home. Having friends like Elle is really important to people fighting depression.

Shari also showed that it is OKAY to see a therapist and even be medicated. These things are very beneficial with overcoming depression, but many people are afraid to seek them out. i think that Molly's experience shows that if you are truthful with yourself and whatever help you seek things can get better. There is nothing to be ashamed of for getting the help you need. 

Many people; myself included, go through stages in mental illness where we don't know how he can be loved. The interactions between Molly and her work partner Alex is proof that our minds can lie to us. Molly doesn't believe that Alex could really like someone as "messed up" as she is, but Alex fights his way in time and time again. 

I will say that some people won't like this book. It isn't for everyone. I do say that if you have any mental issues, know someone that has a mental illness, or just like books that fall into this genre then you should definitely read this book. I learned things and was inspired in my own mental journey from this book. So glad I was chosen to be a part of this tour, and had the chance to read 100 Days of Cake. 

Now for the fun stuff.  
About Shari Goldhagen:
After serious pursuits of literature at Northwestern (BSJ) and Ohio State (MFA), Shari Goldhagen discovered she had a knack for sifting through celebrity trash and worked as a gossip writer for publications including The National EnquirerUs Weekly, and Life & Style Weekly. And her articles on pop culture, travel and relationships have appeared everywhere from Cosmopolitan to Penthouse. She has received fellowships from Yaddo and MacDowell and currently lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.

You can check out more about Shari on her website and follow her on Twitter.

Don't miss out on this giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 3 finished copies of 100 Days of Cake. (US only. Sorry)

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The Book Depository

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Bookish Bucketlists with Paved with Books

This week I have Cilla from Paved With Books joining us for Bookish Bucketlists. She is sharing a list of books she wants to read "some day". Lets see what they are.

Despite my fondness for making up to-do lists on a daily basis, I have never made a bucketlist. I have some vague ideas about what I want to do before I die, but they’re just that - vague. So it’s taken me a while to settle on a topic for this post. What I found while I was brainstorming was that I keep coming back to the books I’ve been told to read and I’ve told them ‘sure, maybe someday’. So, here are some of the books I’d like to read someday:

1. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. My parents love Ken Follet, and I do want to know why. I actually started reading this book, but I wasn’t ready to commit to a book that huge at the time. Also, I wasn’t prepared for the violence.

2. Romance of The Three Kingdoms. My father owns the translated version of this Chinese historical epic - three volumes of bricks with tiny fonts. He started telling me to read it when I was thirteen, and the idea seemed so incredulous at that stage that I just... didn’t want to. Now that I’m older, I can see the merit of reading it, so I’m more open to the idea. It’s still sitting on my bookshelf at home.

3. The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. Pearl S. Buck is one of my mum’s favourite authors, and this is the one she said to start with if I ever want to tackle her books. It looks really interesting, actually; I just haven’t gotten around to it.
4. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I downloaded a free copy from iBooks years ago, and it’s still sitting in my phone unread. Seeing the movie first didn’t help my motivation, I think, as I keep thinking I need to be in the mood for tragic stories.

5. The entire Agatha Christie collection. Okay, technically no one’s told me to read all of her books, but my aunt owns a lot of them. I’ve read five so far, and I actually love them, so I’d love to get through her bibliography.

Thanks so much Cilla for sharing your Bookish Bucketlist. Check out more from Cilla over at Paved with books. 

 I'd love to have you for a future edition of Bookish Bucketlists! If you are interested check out this post and sign up!

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Bookish Bucketlists from GReads

 This week I have Ginger from GReads joining us on Bookish Bucketlists. She is sharing a list of bookstores she wants to visit. Lets see where she takes us!

Hi there! I'm the creator of GReads! (, where I've been discussing books on my blog for over 5 years now.  My reading tastes have evolved over the years -- from paranormal to fantasy to historical to contemporary -- but the best stories for me have always been about romance.  I tend to gravitate toward the emotional novels, the ones that make me FEEL.  

When someone asks me, what do you like to do in your free time?  My first response is TO READ!  But not far behind that answer is also, TO TRAVEL.  I'm a girl who was lucky to spend her early summer vacations on the road with my family; whether it was traveling to Colorado to see the Rockies, or Florida to visit Mickey Mouse.  My love for seeing the world began at a young age, and it's never faded.  In my adult years, I've had the privilege of seeing sites in London, Venice, the Caribbean, and all across America.  

My love for travel begins with a city, usually, and then I'll build my itinerary around that city.  Lately what I've enjoyed when I visit a new place, is checking out their local bookstores.  For today's bucket list, I've compiled a list of bookstores from around the world that I would love to visit one day and check off my own travel bucket list.  Have you been to any of these?!

1. Books of Wonder in New York City
2. Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon
3. The Ripped Bodice in Los Angeles 
4. Strand Bookstore in New York City
6. Parnassus Books in Nashville
7. The Booksmith in San Francisco
8. Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C.
9. Barter Books in the UK
10. Atlantis Books in Santorini, Greece

Thank you so much, Sara, for having me on your blog.  Hopefully I've introduced a few readers to some new bookstores to check out -- or I've instilled the travel bug, hehe.  Regardless, I hope we all have the opportunity to see our beautiful world some day, one bookstore at a time.
 Thank you so much Ginger for sharing your bucketlist! Be sure to check out more from Ginger on her blog!

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Bookish Bucketlist from Becky Albertalli

 This week I welcome my first author to Bookish Bucketlists!! The amazingly wonderful Becky Albertalli, author of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda!! So excited that Becky could find the time in her busy schedule to share her list of authors she wants to meet. Let's see who they are.

Something clicked for me while making this list: I am the luckiest fangirl in the world. There are so many authors who would have appeared on this list, except…I’ve already met them! Sometimes more than once! I can’t explain what that means to me. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life.

That said, I’m greedy af, and there are so many others I’m dying to meet/hug/marry/grow old with. In no particular order:

  1. Jaclyn Moriarty – I have had the most embarrassingly huge author crush on Jaclyn Moriary for such a long time. I have multiple copies of her books. There might have been fan mail involved. I don’t think I’d be able to form words if I met her, but I am still desperate for it to happen one day.
  2. Heidi Schulz – I can’t explain how much I love this person and love her books. Heidi is one of my closest friends, but if you look at a U.S. map, our homes are a long, sad diagonal line away from each other. Therefore, I need apparition to exist, ASAP.
  3. J.K. Rowling – Speaking of apparition. Speaking of my heart. I don’t think I need to explain this one.
  4. Rainbow Rowell – I love everything Rainbow Rowell touches. I just do. I don’t usually see myself in the books I read, but Rainbow’s books are my mirror books. I love them, I ship them, and I’m completely in awe of her.
  5. Angela Thomas – True story: I should have already met Angela. We had a plan. There was much scheming. And then we both managed to get sick and goopy. I still intend to cross this one off my bucket list THIS VERY MONTH, but the anticipation is so huge it hurts. Angela is my agent sister and one of my closest friends – and her book is so unforgettably amazing that I can’t believe I actually know her.
  6. Lianne Oelke – Another agent sister and friend – but I actually fell in love with her book before I knew her! Lianne better be ready for some incoherent fangirl gushing when we finally meet in person, because that is freaking happening.   
  7. Roxane Gay- I dunno, guys. She’s kind of my hero in every way. This is definitely another person who may get nothing but awed, reverent silence from me.
  8. Ellen Oh – Ellen is both a favorite author and an utter world-changing badass. I will lose my shit when – not if – I finally meet her in person.
  9. Stephanie Perkins – I remember reading ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS for the first time and thinking: this. This is what I want to do. If I could write something half this perfect, I’d be completely satisfied. Her books make me FEEL stuff. I’m meeting her in April, and my heart can’t take it.
  10. Stephen Chbosky – He’s the lone dude on this list, but he’s so important to me. Stephen Chbosky wrote the book that saved me as a teen. I’m dying to tell him so in person.

Thank you so much Becky for taking the time from your busy schedule to share your bucketlist! You can find out more about Becky and her books here and believe me you want to know this wonderful person!

I'd love to have you for a future edition of Bookish Bucketlists! If you are interested check out this post and sign up!

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Bookish Bucketlists from Growing Up Booknerd

Today I have the fun quirky Marissa from Growing Up Booknerd joining us for Bookish Bucketlists! She is sharing a great list of characters she would love to have brunch with, how fun is that?!? Lets see who she wants to enjoy a meal with:

One thing I always ask in my Hump-day Highlight feature over at Growing-up Booknerd is, “What author would you choose to go to lunch (spend the day) with; what would you talk about?” If there’s anything I love more than lunch, it’s breakfast, and if there’s anything I love more than breakfast, it’s… well… nothing, but brunch is a really close second! So for Sara’s feature Bookish Bucketlists, I’m going to do a modified version of my above stated question, and ask myself, “What characters would you go to brunch with; what would you talk about?” I’ll be picking my top five characters, describing what we would get for brunch, and what else would go on (in ascending order, of course). This is my ultimate bucketlist because I need to be BFFs with these people plus we would bond over food so magical book gods pleas make this bucketlist come true!
Let’s get started because talking about food is going to make me hungry and homegirl is gonna go get a snack!

5) Sydney Sage
            Sydney is from the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead (she made her first appearance in Mead’s Vampire Academy series). We would definitely go to one of those vintage themed places that has old antique sofas and real china and all that jazz. I feel like that’s right up Sydney’s personality and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t mine too. As a super intellectual person, Sydney would probably turn all of our conversation towards world news and events and I wouldn’t care at all because I am totally on the same page as her. We would talk about our favorite literature, global warming, and how Adrian and Hopper are doing. She would most definitely go straight for something off the Lite menu because even though she’s gotten mostly over her body image issues, she still has those instincts. I, of course, would suggest with both get pancakes with loads of syrup flavors and I think she would cave because WHO DOESN’T LOVE PANCAKES?! Afterwards she would totes thank me for the pancake suggestion because who needs a thigh gap when you have Adrian Ivashkov? I couldn’t let the day pass without heading to a museum with her though because the insight that lady has is eye opening letmetellyah. Overall you get the picture: Me + Sydeney Sage = Nerdy BFFs4lyfe 

4) Thorne and Cress
            They’re a package deal in my book. Get over it. Ultimate OTP for ever and ever and always and ever. Having brunch with Thorne and Cress needs to happen somewhere fun. Maybe a boardwalk cafĂ©? Yeah, I’m definitely feeling a boardwalk/pier situation for sure. I don’t mind third wheeling this duo at all because I feel like Thorne is so charismatic he would make sure there were no awkward moments and Cress is so kind she would happily share her morning and super duper sexy spaceship captain boyfriend with me for a few hours. Thorne would order one of those sampler platters where you get some of everything because if that doesn’t suit his personality I don’t know what does. Cress would get chocolate milk and a cheeseburger because it is brunch after all and nothing puts the unch in brunch like lunch (that’s such a Cress thing to say, I feel like). I would end up getting bacon and toast because unlike Cress, breakfast is my favorite part of brunch. Of course, we would spend the rest of the day killing it at those awesome boardwalk games and little kids would look at us weird like, “Who are those grown-ups and why are they having so much fun???”

3) Fred Weasley
            Aka my boyfriend. We’re pretending like the events in Deathly Hallows never happened and he fell in love with a super nerdy Ravenclaw *cough* me *cough* and now we’re just a Hogwarts alumni couple, chillin’ with the Wealsey crew for holidays (literally my ultimate goal). Anyways, for brunch, we would be THAT couple and go someplace where we’re regulars that get the same thing but in a cute way not a repetitive way… IDK OK?? I JUST SHIP US SO HARD. He’ll make me laugh, I’ll tell him about all the books I’ve been reading, we’ll spend the rest of the day having broomstick flying lessons and maybe have brunch again for dinner because it’s literally my favorite meal of all time. Look, I’m just rambling on this one because the second I typed Fred Weasley I got all googly eyed and slack jawed.

2) Annabeth Chase
            As a fellow daughter of Athena, I have always felt pretty connected to Annabeth. We both have that drive, the need for perfection, the, “I’m always right” complex, yadda yadda. I feel like brunch would get so sidetracked with the two of us because the second one shut up the other would jump on with another idea or thought. Other than her love for architecture and the fact that she’s a hot blonde, we’re basically the same person. Our brunch would probably just be coffee and a donut while we watch the training field shenanigans. That’s a-ok with me because A) I love coffee and B) I love donuts. Something tells me Annabeth does too.

1) Rose Hathaway
            This woman is the hero of my life. She will forever and always be the first heroine I ever looked up to. WWRHD? (What would Rose Hathaway do?) is my motto because she’s the most unperfect perfect character ever. When it comes to meeting up for brunch, Rose would probably be reluctant because she’s busy protecting the queen aka her best friend and all but if she could make time for me, we would pig out to the extreme. Part of the reason why I love Rose is due to our identical eating habits. We would go to someplace that served some of everything and eat some of everything with no regrets. I repeat, no regrets. I would have to try really hard not to fangirl because I’ve looked up to this lady for years but I think we’d get along just fine because even though we both have that stubborn attitude, we think alike so there wouldn’t be much butting of the heads. Hopefully after we ate and it settled she’d show me some awesome dhampir guardian moves because two words: BAD ASS!

Thanks for joining us Marissa! This is such a fun list I love it.
Be sure to go check out her blog: Growing Up Booknerd and her feature Hump-Day Highlights where she interviews other bloggers!

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