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Bookish Bucketlists from Growing Up Booknerd

Today I have the fun quirky Marissa from Growing Up Booknerd joining us for Bookish Bucketlists! She is sharing a great list of characters she would love to have brunch with, how fun is that?!? Lets see who she wants to enjoy a meal with:

One thing I always ask in my Hump-day Highlight feature over at Growing-up Booknerd is, “What author would you choose to go to lunch (spend the day) with; what would you talk about?” If there’s anything I love more than lunch, it’s breakfast, and if there’s anything I love more than breakfast, it’s… well… nothing, but brunch is a really close second! So for Sara’s feature Bookish Bucketlists, I’m going to do a modified version of my above stated question, and ask myself, “What characters would you go to brunch with; what would you talk about?” I’ll be picking my top five characters, describing what we would get for brunch, and what else would go on (in ascending order, of course). This is my ultimate bucketlist because I need to be BFFs with these people plus we would bond over food so magical book gods pleas make this bucketlist come true!
Let’s get started because talking about food is going to make me hungry and homegirl is gonna go get a snack!

5) Sydney Sage
            Sydney is from the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead (she made her first appearance in Mead’s Vampire Academy series). We would definitely go to one of those vintage themed places that has old antique sofas and real china and all that jazz. I feel like that’s right up Sydney’s personality and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t mine too. As a super intellectual person, Sydney would probably turn all of our conversation towards world news and events and I wouldn’t care at all because I am totally on the same page as her. We would talk about our favorite literature, global warming, and how Adrian and Hopper are doing. She would most definitely go straight for something off the Lite menu because even though she’s gotten mostly over her body image issues, she still has those instincts. I, of course, would suggest with both get pancakes with loads of syrup flavors and I think she would cave because WHO DOESN’T LOVE PANCAKES?! Afterwards she would totes thank me for the pancake suggestion because who needs a thigh gap when you have Adrian Ivashkov? I couldn’t let the day pass without heading to a museum with her though because the insight that lady has is eye opening letmetellyah. Overall you get the picture: Me + Sydeney Sage = Nerdy BFFs4lyfe 

4) Thorne and Cress
            They’re a package deal in my book. Get over it. Ultimate OTP for ever and ever and always and ever. Having brunch with Thorne and Cress needs to happen somewhere fun. Maybe a boardwalk cafĂ©? Yeah, I’m definitely feeling a boardwalk/pier situation for sure. I don’t mind third wheeling this duo at all because I feel like Thorne is so charismatic he would make sure there were no awkward moments and Cress is so kind she would happily share her morning and super duper sexy spaceship captain boyfriend with me for a few hours. Thorne would order one of those sampler platters where you get some of everything because if that doesn’t suit his personality I don’t know what does. Cress would get chocolate milk and a cheeseburger because it is brunch after all and nothing puts the unch in brunch like lunch (that’s such a Cress thing to say, I feel like). I would end up getting bacon and toast because unlike Cress, breakfast is my favorite part of brunch. Of course, we would spend the rest of the day killing it at those awesome boardwalk games and little kids would look at us weird like, “Who are those grown-ups and why are they having so much fun???”

3) Fred Weasley
            Aka my boyfriend. We’re pretending like the events in Deathly Hallows never happened and he fell in love with a super nerdy Ravenclaw *cough* me *cough* and now we’re just a Hogwarts alumni couple, chillin’ with the Wealsey crew for holidays (literally my ultimate goal). Anyways, for brunch, we would be THAT couple and go someplace where we’re regulars that get the same thing but in a cute way not a repetitive way… IDK OK?? I JUST SHIP US SO HARD. He’ll make me laugh, I’ll tell him about all the books I’ve been reading, we’ll spend the rest of the day having broomstick flying lessons and maybe have brunch again for dinner because it’s literally my favorite meal of all time. Look, I’m just rambling on this one because the second I typed Fred Weasley I got all googly eyed and slack jawed.

2) Annabeth Chase
            As a fellow daughter of Athena, I have always felt pretty connected to Annabeth. We both have that drive, the need for perfection, the, “I’m always right” complex, yadda yadda. I feel like brunch would get so sidetracked with the two of us because the second one shut up the other would jump on with another idea or thought. Other than her love for architecture and the fact that she’s a hot blonde, we’re basically the same person. Our brunch would probably just be coffee and a donut while we watch the training field shenanigans. That’s a-ok with me because A) I love coffee and B) I love donuts. Something tells me Annabeth does too.

1) Rose Hathaway
            This woman is the hero of my life. She will forever and always be the first heroine I ever looked up to. WWRHD? (What would Rose Hathaway do?) is my motto because she’s the most unperfect perfect character ever. When it comes to meeting up for brunch, Rose would probably be reluctant because she’s busy protecting the queen aka her best friend and all but if she could make time for me, we would pig out to the extreme. Part of the reason why I love Rose is due to our identical eating habits. We would go to someplace that served some of everything and eat some of everything with no regrets. I repeat, no regrets. I would have to try really hard not to fangirl because I’ve looked up to this lady for years but I think we’d get along just fine because even though we both have that stubborn attitude, we think alike so there wouldn’t be much butting of the heads. Hopefully after we ate and it settled she’d show me some awesome dhampir guardian moves because two words: BAD ASS!

Thanks for joining us Marissa! This is such a fun list I love it.
Be sure to go check out her blog: Growing Up Booknerd and her feature Hump-Day Highlights where she interviews other bloggers!

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