Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bookish Bucketlists from GReads

 This week I have Ginger from GReads joining us on Bookish Bucketlists. She is sharing a list of bookstores she wants to visit. Lets see where she takes us!

Hi there! I'm the creator of GReads! (, where I've been discussing books on my blog for over 5 years now.  My reading tastes have evolved over the years -- from paranormal to fantasy to historical to contemporary -- but the best stories for me have always been about romance.  I tend to gravitate toward the emotional novels, the ones that make me FEEL.  

When someone asks me, what do you like to do in your free time?  My first response is TO READ!  But not far behind that answer is also, TO TRAVEL.  I'm a girl who was lucky to spend her early summer vacations on the road with my family; whether it was traveling to Colorado to see the Rockies, or Florida to visit Mickey Mouse.  My love for seeing the world began at a young age, and it's never faded.  In my adult years, I've had the privilege of seeing sites in London, Venice, the Caribbean, and all across America.  

My love for travel begins with a city, usually, and then I'll build my itinerary around that city.  Lately what I've enjoyed when I visit a new place, is checking out their local bookstores.  For today's bucket list, I've compiled a list of bookstores from around the world that I would love to visit one day and check off my own travel bucket list.  Have you been to any of these?!

1. Books of Wonder in New York City
2. Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon
3. The Ripped Bodice in Los Angeles 
4. Strand Bookstore in New York City
6. Parnassus Books in Nashville
7. The Booksmith in San Francisco
8. Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C.
9. Barter Books in the UK
10. Atlantis Books in Santorini, Greece

Thank you so much, Sara, for having me on your blog.  Hopefully I've introduced a few readers to some new bookstores to check out -- or I've instilled the travel bug, hehe.  Regardless, I hope we all have the opportunity to see our beautiful world some day, one bookstore at a time.
 Thank you so much Ginger for sharing your bucketlist! Be sure to check out more from Ginger on her blog!

I'd love to have you for a future edition of Bookish Bucketlists! If you are interested check out this post and sign up!

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