Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Quotes

If you know anything about me you know I love quotes. Life quotes, inspirational quotes, funny quotes, if it has quotation marks I'll probably love it. Saying this it will be hard to believe that I don't keep a quote journal while reading.  (I really should start this I know) I do make mental notes of quotes I like while reading though, even if I can hardly ever find them again. Well this week I went back and found some of my favorite quotes I have read this year, which was really hard to narrow down.

Here we go!

1)  "I figured I would shoot the bullets out of my nostrils so I left it upstairs" - Four  From Insurgent the greatest quote ever!

2) "“White shouldn't be the default any more than straight should be the default. There shouldn't even be a default.” - Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda: Becky Albertalli  Not a truer quote out there.

3) "Life is a gift. Don't forget to live it." -  Nurse Carla Everything Everything: Nicola Yoon

4) "But today is better than yesterday. And this hurt is still a hole in me, but it's a shrinking hole."- Faking Normal: Courtney Stevens

5) "There are some things in this world you rely on, like a sure bet. And when they let you down, shifting from where you've carefully placed them, it shakes your faith, right where you stand." - Someone Like You: Sarah Dessen

6) "Sometimes pain is so unmanageable that the idea of spending another day with it seems impossible. Other times pain acts as a compass to help you get through the messier tunnels of growing up. But the pain can only help you find happiness if you can remember it." - More Happy Than Not: Adam Silvera

7) "Love is about the good moments, but it's about holding on to each other during the difficult ones, too. Coming out on the other side, weathered but still holding hands, isn't easy. It's the most difficult thing there can possibly be, but I know now it's the truest test of love there is." - Written in the Stars: Aisha Saeed

8) "All decisions are different in hindsight. Maybe all we can do is make the best decisions we can in the moment, using the best information we have right then." - Breathe Annie Breathe: Miranda Kenneally

9) "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are an ocean in a drop." - Rites of Passage: Joy Hensley

10) "If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change, make some." - The Lies About Truth: Courtney Stevens

I'm always looking for more quotes so link me to your post or share your favorite quotes in the comments.

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