Monday, July 20, 2015

Extraordinary Means: Robin Schneider

Extraordinary Means is a very interesting story. No one really thinks of tuberculosis as being a disease that could come back. I don’t really understand why, especially after seeing all the other disease that has made reappearance over the years. Ebola, measles, why not TB? Anyone that does anything medically related has to have TB tests to see if they are a carrier or have been exposed somehow, which means someone thinks it is possible for TB to become an issue.  I am glad that Robin took this story on and wrote it in such a way that shows a TB outbreak is possible but doesn’t have to be scary.

I am not normally a fan of duel POV in books but it works really well in this book. It is very easy to keep up with who is talking and the story moves at the right speed that the duel POVs is the best way to tell this story. Lane and Sadie are both diagnosed with TB and are sent to Latham House to be “cured”. Latham House is a boarding school for kids with TB where they get around the clock care, school, plenty of rest, but are not shunned like they would be in the outside world for being sick.  

Sadie and group of friends are the “popular” kids at Latham. They break the rules, live life to the fullest they possibly can, and pretty much ignore all. Lane starts at Latham with the idea that he isn’t really sick, that he can still do everything in his plan to be a Stanford student next year. Then he meets Sadie. Once they overcome their history, Lane joins the “popular” kids and realizes what his life has been missing.

Latham House is full of growth, knowledge, and possible futures for all who attend. Some just don’t know it yet.



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