Friday, July 24, 2015

Thanks and Love for #OTSPSECRETSISTER

I accidently stumbled across #OTSPSECRETSISITER on Twitter, and I am so glad I did. SS is hosted by the ladies @galsonthesamepage. It is a project meant to spread cheer and love in six month increments amongst bloggers and bookish people. I have always been a book person but am the only one amongst my small group of friends so I never have anyone to talk and fangirl over books with. Finding this community on Twitter has been amazing, and done amazing things in my life.

Some things I got from this wonderful program:

*Become more confident.

*Was encouraged to start this blog from seeing all the support between the members of SS

*I have started talking more to people, and met some new friends. Many that I hope to get together with IRL one day. A few of which being Chelsea, Lauren, Lisa, Kelly, Stefani, Maura, Mariah, Henny, Sara, and Emily. There are tons more people, but these are the ones I’ve chatted with the most so please don’t feel left out. J

*Got to help out Andi with some books for her classroom

*Enjoyed spoiling Jessica with cards, books, junk food, and happy thoughts over the last 6 months, And now have a new friend in her.

*Have the joy of knowing there is someone out there that I may or may not know that is thinking about me. Taking the time out of their busy lives to learn about what I like and finding their own way to spoil me. Someone that finds the greatest cards, I wish I knew where she finds them because they are perfect. Just the fact that there is a person out there that doesn’t have to care but does is a wonderful feeling. I cannot wait to find out who she is so I can send some love right back to her.

*Was able to witness the sharing of joy between everyone else involved in this program,  Shows that there still is some good in this world

*Introduced to so many different authors and books that I don’t know if I would have found on my own

Overall this is a absolutely wonderfully awesome program that Amy, Alyssa, and Brittany work so hard on. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this program and was able to join. I’m going to miss my sisters from this round but look forward to the next round to spread more joy and love.

Some of the greatness I received from my Sis! Check out those cards are they not great!

Who ever you are thank you for thinking of me every month, and please reveal yourself soon so I can properly thank you!!  



  1. So nice to see that you had a good time with the Secret Sister thing this round! Did you sign up for the next one? I also had a great time getting to know people. Especially the person I was buying for. I really liked getting to know her without her knowing I was LOL. Anyway I'm glad it inspired you to start a blog. Blogging is great fun. I also didn't have bookish friends IRL when I started my blog, and it was so nice to get to talk books with people who cared about books!! Congrats on starting you blog... if you're anything like me, it will become a total addiction for a while :)

  2. Sounds lovely. Thank you for sharing regarding the experience. Reminds me of a few communities I was involved in ages ago.

  3. I am SO glad to have met you and many others through Secret Sister. I stumbled upon it at random too and a incredibly glad that I did. It has been such an awesome experience that has honestly helped me out so much personally, more than I would have assumed. Love seeing what you have taken away from it. And congrats on the new blog! It's a lot of fun as long as you always keep it about you and no one else. :)

    1. Thanks Emily! Glad to have met you too and that this has been such a good experience for you as well :)