Friday, July 17, 2015

Rites of Passage: Joy N. Hensley

I read this book via Audible Audio. I was unsure what to expect from it because I had heard such mixed reviews about it. I loved it. The story, the writing, the narrator for the audio book, was all wonderful.  There were days I would leave for work early just to have extra time to listen; this book is just that good. If you love contemporary or just like a good story you must check out Rites of Passage.

Sam McKenna gives us a look inside the military world and how some personal can be accepting to change while others not so much. Sam comes from a long line of military men so when Denmark Military Academy changes their bylaws to allow women to attend the Academy she feels it is her duty to care on the family tradition and attend. An entire summer of hardcore training and a lifetime of military pressures do not prepare her for what awaits on campus. Being one of 4 girls at Denmark is tough but nothing Sam cannot handle with the help of a few new friends and her brother.

Overall this book has everything you could want in a book. A great story line that makes you cheer for woman kind. An amazing leading character and funny but aggravating supporting characters.  A little bit of a love story, with bits of drama. I mean really what else could you ask for?!?

Rites of Passage is a definite 4/5 stars.

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