Thursday, July 23, 2015

None of the Above: I.W. Gregorio

I listened to this via Audible audio. The narrator was wonderful but I cannot wait to read it in physical form. This is a very important book that I believe everyone should read. The more people that read this book the more understand of people this world can become. I will be the first to admit I learned a lot from this book; it cleared some things up that I thought I understood but really had no idea about.

None of the Above is the story of Kristin who is a typical high school senior with great friends, is the star of the girls track team, and has a wonderful boyfriend. When her Homecoming night doesn’t quite go as planned she heads to the doc and learns she is intersex. This means she is a female but has male chromosomes.  She has to come to terms with what this means for her life now and for the future. Unfortunately before she has the chance her secret is reveled, and of course high school immaturity strikes. This infuriates me, because I have been on the wrong side of this kind of immaturity. My heart ached for Kristin and I wanted to jump into the pages and explain some things about life to the students at her high school. There were many times people in traffic probably thought I was crazy because I was yelling at my radio. Unsurprisingly because of this immaturity Kristin goes into hiding, until with the help of her doctors and her lovingly helpful father she finds a support group that helps her understands and come to terms with her diagnosis. Once she comes to terms with everything herself, she learns how to get her life back on track.

This book is written in a way that handles everything very well. Nothing is glossed over, and I. W. Gregorio has really done her homework on intersex diagnosis, and people that have been diagnosed.  I really only had an issue with the schooling thing. It is stupid but you do not loose scholarship money for getting a GED, at least not where I am from. Other than this minor issue I loved this book.

Basically all I have left to say is Go Read This Book!!!!


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