Monday, July 13, 2015

The Fill-In Boyfriend: Kasie West

I had high hopes going into this one. I was under the impression it had everything I loved in a good book. Friendships, love stories, family, and a normal world story. I was not disappointed. This is a great contemporary with all the usual suspects. Kasie West knows her stuff.

Gia is the popular girl with the perfect life, or so she thinks until her boyfriend breaks up with her at the worst time. Prom. So what’s a girl to do but find an actor of course.  Fill in Bradley and Gia rock the prom then go their separate ways and Gia thinks all her problems are solved and she can go back to perfection. But she forgets about Jules the resident mean girl that is trying to overthrow Gia’s perfect world. I understand the whole mean girl aspect and how every story has to have one but Jules is a new kind of mean. She strikes me as more of the underdog that thinks the only way to get on top is being a witch. I just want to smack her, and ignore the supposed rough life she has had.

But anyway. Gia learns her lessons and sees her wrongs and everything is perfect. Right? I mean what isn’t perfect; she has a full ride to UCLA, parents that never fight with her or each other, friends, and is popular. What else could a girl ask for? Well Gia may not realize it to begin with but she could ask for a lot, and throughout this book she discovers and starts to achieve this. My only complaint really is that there could be slightly more depth to the story. It is great the way it is but I could use a little more overall.

 I still give this a solid 4/5.

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