Thursday, December 17, 2015

2016 the year of the book challenge!

As many of you know I recently completed college. YAY ME!
This means I will have tons more time for reading in 2016. So I have decided to make 2016 the year of the book challenges. I have never really done a reading challenge before aside from GoodReads and one round of Bingo, and I am super excited to be doing this. I am participating in 5 challenges, not really sure how some will go but I'm going to try my  best. If I don't complete them all at least I tried. 

Now for the challenges:

1) Holiday Bingo: Hosted by Pretty Deadly Reviews it goes for 3 month intervals. This round is December-Feburary.

2) Backlist Books: Also hosted by Pretty Deadly Reviews This one I am 90% sure I can rock! Almost every book I read is already backlist so this challenge was made for me. 

3) PopSugar: not to sure how I'll do on this one but it looks like fun.

4) Rock my TBR: Hosted by The YA Book Traveler I have over 100 books on my TBR shelf so this challenge will be very helpful if I can stick to it. (post to come on what books I hope to read)

5) Series a Month: Hosted by Love At First Page This one is one that can be fun but not sure how I will do. I have tons of series I want to read/finish but I'm not great at binge reading books. Reading a series in a month even a short one will be a challenge.

You can join me in these challenges here:
1) Holiday Bingo
2) Backlist Books
3) Popsugar
4) Rock my TBR
5) Series a Month

Wish me luck on my challenges!
Are you doing any challenges in 2016? Which ones?

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