Thursday, August 6, 2015

Keeping You a Secret: Julie Anne Peters

This is the story of Holland and her regular life as a high student just trying to get by until she can figure out what to do with her life. She has great friends, a boyfriend that she loves, and makes great grades. She deals with the pressures from her mom to do everything she never got to do being a teen mom, puts up with her stepsister she cannot stand, and works part time at a daycare center. Everything is going along great until Holland meets Cece. Then everything Holland knows is turned upside down, but possible for the better.

I know I am very behind reading this book but honestly I didn’t know it existed until recently, and I hate that. This book had to be a very hard thing to write about and promote at the time it was written.  I say this because I believe it would still be now, which is horrible to say but true. Many people don’t like reading about things they don’t understand or agree with. And that is one reason this world is in the shape it is in now. For the time that this book was written it is very well done. The topic is covered with truth but care, and I think it is a great book for people to read to see another point of view. I love Julie Anne Peters for this fact. All I have read by her covers tough topics for some people but are written in a way that helps people be more comfortable with the topic. If you want to branch out into books with touchy subjects I suggest Julie’s books for sure.

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