Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Happy Than Not: Adam Silvera

I read MHTN via Audible audio. I loved this book! I cannot wait to do a reread in the physical form. More Happy Than Not is the story of Aaron Soto and his journey to accept himself. In Aaron’s neighborhood a new company called Leteo that claims they can manipulate a person’s memories to make them forget whatever they need too. Aaron is leading the normal life of a teenage boy in a semi poor city neighborhood; he has a group of friends, a girlfriend, and a part-time job. One day Aaron meets Thomas, they become quick friends which changes Aaron’s life, or so he thinks. Aaron’s time with Thomas makes him realize he is gay, and this is where Aaron thinks his life falls apart. He begins to want a Leteo procedure.

That is all I will tell you about the story line. This is where I was shocked by things I didn’t see coming. I knew what this book was about when I started it but apparently I didn’t know as much as I thought I did because I was a little confused for a bit. Messing with people’s minds is a very tricky thing so the subject matter of this book is very interesting.  This book is something to think about, it would be very intriguing to see what people would do if Leteo was a real thing. Adam is an amazing writer; I find it very hard to believe that this is his debut. I am amazed that the topics in this book are done in such a way at times you don’t really realize what is happening until it is over. Then you are just there like “well that cool, I like that, hhmmmm who knew, good point”. That is when I know I have read a great book. My only problem with this book is the language. I know it is fitting for the characters but I could do with a few less F-bombs. It may not have been that bad if I wasn’t using audio, in a physical book I can skip over them.

So what would you do if Leteo was real? Would you forget something from your past or does your past just make you stronger?

4.5/5 Just because the language.

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