Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just because I want to talk books!

I haven't really read anything lately that I have wanted to review. Really haven't read much of anything this month, been in a bit of a funk. I hate not having anything new on the blog but Bookish Bucketlists so I'm just going to talk about my life with books. What better way to kick of a book filled post than with a picture of my shelf? Here it is! 
Isn't she pretty!! 
Books have always been a part of my life. I really don't know when I started reading, I want to say kindergarten but I honestly cannot remember. I only know I've been reading for as long as I can remember. Books were always my friends. I am never without a book, even when I won't have time to read I still carry one with me. Never know when I'll get a chance to read a few pages. 

My reading journey started with Ann M. Martin. My mom signed my up for a monthly book club thing where each month I got a package of books in the mail. Which was so cool and mind blowing to my 5/6 year old self. This book mail started with The Babysitter's Little Sister books. Some months I would get other books too. I remember getting some Boxcar Children, a bunch of Judy Blume, some Ronald Dahl, and some Beverly Cleary among many others. Once I got older the Little Sister books changed to Babysitter's Club books. I loved these even more because I didn't have to carry 2-3 with me at a time since they are longer. 

When I was in middle school my family would go to a flea market outside of Atlanta to set up and see the furniture my dad built. There was a booth there that was about 5 foot by 5 foot and it was packed with books! There were so many books in that booth I could hardly walk, it even took me a few minutes to find the lady running the booth. She was the sweetest little old lady, she spent her days sitting there knitting while people browsed. Everything there was $.50 each!! I would go to this booth anytime I could get away, many times I went 4-5 times a weekend. When  I knew we were going to the flea market I would save my snack/lunch money for days before hand just to buy books. Most of my collection at the time came from this place. I still have some of the books I bought from there, most I have donated my old school's library over the years. 

The majority of my books have came from the above mentioned booth, from thrift stores, from yard sales, and recently from online and actual bookstores. There is not a bookstore within 75 miles of my house! Crazy I know! I  try to go to bookstores whenever I am near one because of this and I like them a lot more now since I have a job and money. HaHaHa I don't mind used books but that means I don't get to read a lot of new books. (I hate to pay for shipping and I want to hold a book before I buy it myself.) I try to stay up on what is new and good but it kind of makes me sad knowing I may not get to read it anytime soon. That is one thing about Twitter, I have found my book people there but it is hard for me to talk to them at times. I am always way behind with my books so I don't always feel like I can talk about them with anyone. Doesn't help that I am the only reader in my family and very small friend group so I really don't know how to talk books. I can never find the words and parts of books/author names/titles tend to leave me once I read them. I want to be able to talk about books with people, I really do! What can I say words are hard. :)

I really don't know where I would be without books. My entire life books have been there for me when no one else was. I have never really had friends, yeah there have been a few people I got close with in school but nothing ever lasted. Over the last few years I have grown apart from the two closest friends I ever had because of life. We still talk from time to time but not like we used to, I hate this but what can I do? Plus I don't really feel like I fit in with my family, never have. So books are fillers for those things in my life. Even in the deepest bits of my sad life I always had a book to talk to, to hold, to keep me from being completely alone. I am a sad person I know, I've come to live with it. I love my books like they are my babies. I worry about them, I take care of them, I don't loan them out unless I trust you with my life. Even then I fear for them until they are home again. So if I have ever loaned you a book you should feel very special. <3 

I guess I have rambled enough about my life and books. I'm sure I lost most of you when I started getting depressing. The ones of you that are still with me talk to me about your books. Hit me with recommendations. Help me become my inner fangirl. 

Thanks for reading my pointless ramblings!

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