Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bookish Bucketlists from Melanie's Musings

Today's Bookish Bucketlists is from Melanie at Melanie's Musings. Melanie is a high school librarian in Mississippi who spends her free time at concerts, traveling, and going to Comicons. Her bookish bucketlist changes all the time as she has already achieved a few goals, but here are just a few things that she'd like to accomplish.

1. Go to Hobbiton! 
          I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan and love to travel, so it would be way too exciting for me to travel to New Zealand and see Hobbiton and Bilbo Baggins' house.

2. Go to ALA!
          As a librarian, making it to the ALA annual convention would be amazing! (Side note: making it to RT Convention used to be on my bucket list, but I've now been able to go to it the past two years when it was in New Orleans and then Dallas.) I definitely plan to attend in 2018 when the conference is in New Orleans, but I wouldn't mind being able to make it to others. The mid-winter conference is in Atlanta next January, so perhaps I can make it to that too.

3. Go to the Eagle and the Child pub. 
                 I said that I'm a Lord of the Rings fan, so I love Tolken, but I also enjoy CS Lewis. Both authors used to meet up and write at the pub, so it would be neat to go where they used to spend time.

4. Meet more of my favorite authors!
             I have been able to meet lots of authors that I love through attending local events and different conventions, but there are still more that I'd like to meet. For example, Kiara Cass is one of my favorites and I've been lucky to meet her twice at RT Convention. I was also ecstatic to be able to meet Colleen Hoover last year (funny story, we held up the line by talking about one of our favorite bands, The Avett Brothers- sorry to the people behind me for us chatting like we were besties?). However, right now I'd most like to be able to meet Marissa Meyer. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series, so I'd enjoy getting to meet her so much! There are obviously others, but she's who I'd most like to meet right now.

5. Go to Harry Potter world in Orlando.
              Isn't this a given for everyone? I've been to Universal, but it was years before the Harry Potter park was made. I would have an absolute blast there and I can't wait to finally go. And, yeah, I may as well also go to the one in LA just because.

6. Get a Harry Potter themed, or really any literary themed, tattoo. 
             I've actually ALMOST gotten a deathly hallows tattoo twice and everytime I chicken out. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I know that I'd love it, but I'm a huge chicken and always talk myself out of it. It's just one of those things. BUT one day I WILL do it!

7. Publish a book.
         Okay, I've never even attempted to write one (save for an AWFUL attempt several years ago that I can't even believe I'm owning up to). I can't figure out how on earth authors make pacing work. It makes no sense to me without talking about all day every day. So weird. One day I'll figure it out and have an awesome day. 

I'm sure that I actually have more bucket list ideas, but I've found that many of them are things that I don't realize until after the fact or until the opportunity is presented. Either way, one day I will definitely do all of things!
Thanks for joining us this week Melanie! This list looks like such fun! Go check out Melanie's blog Malanie's Musings. 
 I'd love to have you for a future edition of Bookish Bucketlists! If you are interested check out this post and sign up!

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