Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bookish Bucketlists from Listful Booking

I'd like to welcome Brianna from Listful Booking to Bookish Bucketlists! So glad you could join me. She is sharing a list of fantasy places and things she would love to visit and do. Let's see where Brianna takes us! 

When I think of bucket lists, I think of a list of things that you can check off-like places to visit, activities, etc. For my bookish bucketlist, I wanted to focus on more fantasy type things-not real places/things to do. How cool would it be it they were real though?!

Visit Vision
Vision is the land where Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe takes place. Vision is basically a fantasy land that is a product of children's imaginations. As a result, there are multiple versions of Vision and each one is different. The one in the book has so many amazing elements that it just sounds so amazing! I would love to see what my version of Vision would be. I'd imagine a lot of bookish, geeky things! 
Play Quidditch
How could I not include this?! I am kind of scared of falling from heights so I can't say I'd be any good at it, but it would sure be fun trying! It would be so fun to play either at Hogwarts or even at the Burrow. I'd want to have Fred & George on my team, as well as Ginny. I imagine I would play as Keeper as not quite so coordinated when it comes to throwing a ball! lol 
Play capture the flag with Dauntless
When I read this seen from Divergent, I decided I really wanted to participate. This seems like it would be so much fun! Yes, the weapons make it feel like you really got shot, but hey-don't get shot! lol The only request I would have is to not let Erik play. 
Visit the Capitol
Of all the things that happen in Hunger Games, there really isn't much I would want to do in real life (can you blame me?! lol). I would like to visit the Capitol though. I'd want to see all the interesting people and fashion. 
Visit the Wall
Now I am not a fan of heights, but the Wall from A Game of Thrones sounds so interesting and intriguing I can't help but want to visit it! I'm not sure if I'd climb to the top, but I would definitely go look at it from Castle Black. lol

Sadly these will (probably) never happen, but hey-a girl can dream! At least I can visit and do these things time and time again just by opening the pages of a book!
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